Mudahnya Implementasi MySQL Untuk Basisdata

Basidata adalah sekumpulan informasi yang sanga komplek yang berguna untuk mengatur semua data yang ada didalamnya sehingga dapat diakses oleh pengguna dengan mudah dan cepat. Hal lain yang perlu diketahui bahwa didalam basis data terdapat suatu kelompok ruang penyimpanan data yang disebut tabel. Di Dalamnya terdapat data yang sangat kompleks dan terhubung satu sama lain […]

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Arthroskopi pergelangan tangan

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Diagnosis masalah pergelangan tangan dapat ditegakkan melalui serangkaian pemeriksaan. Pemeriksaan yang paling sederhana dan wajib dilakukan adalah pemeriksaan fisik. Banyak masalah pergelangan tangan dapat didiagnosis hanya melalui pemeriksaan fisik. Pemeriksaan berikutnya adalah foto rontgen. Foto rontgen akan memberikan informasi mengenai posisi tulang. Walaupun foto rontgen tidak dapat memvisualisasikan ligamen, perubahan bentuk dan posisi tulang dapat memberikan petunjuk. Modalitas diagnostik lainnya adalah USG, MRI, CT scan dan artroskopi.

Artroskopi adalah peralatan medis yang memungkinkan dokter melihat langsung bagian dalam dari sendi. Sebuah alat berkamera dimasukan ke dalam sendi melalui sayatan kecil pada bagian tubuh yang akan diperiksa. Artroskopi memberikan gambaran yang sangat jelas mengenai apa yang terjadi di dalam pergelangan tangan. Artroskopi juga memungkinkan dokter melakukan banyak prosedur, seperti perbaikan ligamen. Oleh karena sifatnya yang minimal invasif, artroskopi dapat menjaga ligamen dan kapsul sendi tetap dalam keadaan utuh dan tidak tercederai seperti pada pembedahan terbuka yang merupakan metode konvensial. Artros

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Modern Lighting by Mitzi: The One Upgrade That Can Change Your Room

The following post is brought to you by Mitzi. Our partners are hand picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

Modern Lighting by Mitzi: The One Upgrade That Can Change Your Room

Life is all about seating and lighting.
– Graydon Carter, journalist

Let’s face it. Lighting is the center of every good design—it just sets the mood. From the famous chandeliers at the Metropolitan Opera in New York to the Biblical creation story to Galileo’s pendulum epiphany after watching the swinging chandelier in church, lighting plays a pivotal role.

Meet Carrie, with curved stems and four opal-etched glass diffusers create an elegant vibe. It’s simplicity and scale are sure to elevate the design of any space. Carrie comes finished in classic Aged Brass, rosy Polished Copper, or clean Polished Nickel.

At Hudson Valley Lighting, there is a firm belief that how you choose to illuminate your life is key to how you live it. There’s something about great lighting that elevates the mood. (You can’t walk into the chandelier-festooned Halls of Mirrors at Versailles and not feel something.) Enter Mitzi, the newest line, from Hudson Valley Lighting, which is filled with fun, irreverent lighting choices.

Daisy comes in Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, and Polished Copper. It was such a team favorite that it became the Mitzi logo!

The line began as a way to let the company’s young design team flex their creative muscles and explore edgier materials and designs. At the same time, there’s a true appreciation of the past. After all the brand name is an homage to Hudson Valley founder, David Littman’s grandmother, Mitzi. A painter and master antique-hunter, she had an unmatchable creative aesthetic. Like the original, the Mitzi lighting mixes classic and contemporary in a way that is show-stoppingly unique.

Immo is outfitted in a sleek jacket of dust-painted metal that half-conceals the bulbs. The retro-coil bulbs that peak out, cast the ideal amount of accent light. Available in black or white, with Polished Copper, Aged Brass, or Polish Nickel finishes for backplate and matching clasp detail.

The force behind the Mitzi line is in the use of materials like concrete, marble and wire and in their configuration. Each piece is thoughtfully streamlined. Making the brand motto—”Think Less Clutter, More Creativity”—self-evident.

The designers call this “a sconce with drop-the-mic swagger.” Minimal in its design, the Via’s two-tone finish makes a fashion statement for the walls and its large retro-coil bulb casts plenty of accent light in style.

By utilizing Hudson Valley Lighting’s manufacturing expertise, the team is able to keep the costs of the Mitzi collections reasonably priced without sacrificing any of the quality that is a hallmark of Hudson Valley Lighting brand. Meaning that your decor statement piece doesn’t have to be out of reach.

A sophisticated black axis creates Astrid’s sleek, graphic look. You can move each arm, adjusting the chandelier into a shape of your choosing. Complement Astrid’s design with tubular bulbs or contrast it with round retro-coil bulbs. Available in Aged Brass or Polished Nickel.

And this is definitely statement lighting. If you’ve never given a thought to updating your overhead lighting, this is the one thing that can make a giant impact. Swapping out lighting fixtures is easier than you might imagine. (You can DIY it with YouTube videos or if the thought of electric current makes you nervous, you can certainly get an electrician) With such a huge visual payoff, just be forewarned. Once you update one room, you’ll be hooked.

Concealing wire in its circular black band, this unique take on a table lamp, lights up the room with an LED source diffusing through a glossy opal-etched globe. Zena’s weighted base, is available in copper, brass, or nickel finishes.

If you’re feeling ready to take the lighting update plunge, there are a few consideration that will make any room dazzle:

  • Make sure that each room has ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is going to provide your overall illumination (chandeliers or ceiling fixtures). Task lighting helps you accomplish a specific task – like a desk lamp or sconce. And then finally, accent lighting brings in the pizazz—maybe it illuminates a painting or is a beautiful sculptural piece.
  • Dimmers are your best friend. You’ll get the most out of your lighting if you install a dimmer. If you went the electrician route for your light fixture, then this is an easy add-on. Otherwise, search for a tabletop dimmer, to give you a little more lighting control over any lamp that plugs into an outlet.

The Jasmine lamp is airy and fresh is with its woven basket design. It comes in brass, polished nickel or copper.

Ready to jump into the world of lighting? Shop Mitzi’s modern collection of pendant lamps, chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and sconces right here.

Ajin – Chapter 55 : Surga

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Nella Kharisma – Pegaten Bojomu

Capo di fret 1

Intro : Am Em F C Dm Am F E..
        Am Em F C Dm Am F G Am.. 

      Am            Em   F         C
Yen kowe pancen tresno pegaten bojomu
 Dm          Am   F            E
aku ra gelem melu gur mung dimadu
 Am       Em     F              C
aku nduwe ati ra mungkin ngelarani
  Dm        Am    F     G    Am
kecobo kowe resmi ra nduwe rabi..

Am                             G