Gorgeous Modern Nurseries with Whimsical Shabby Chic Charm

There are many different directions a nursery can take when it comes to both style and theme. But sticking to a backdrop that is largely neutral or employs soothing pastel hues is a safe choice in more ways than one. A gorgeous and themed nursery where the walls are draped in bold colors and striking motifs takes plenty of work while redecorating, as your little darling starts to grow up all too quickly. A nursery with a modern-shabby chic style provides a versatile, adaptable and even whimsical setting that can be used as a gender neutral setting.

Whimsical modern nursery ideas [From: Creme Anglaise]

Creating a dreamy and lovely nursery with shabby chic and modern influences is pretty easy and requires a touch of imagination and just the right amount of natural elegance. Moving away from a space dominated by polished, artificial finishes, these exquisite nurseries work with natural materials like wood and rattan with plush fabrics, string lights and flowery patterns holding sway. Things are not all ‘feminine’ though as they make great gender-neutral nurseries as well. Check out the best inspirations –

A Teepee Makes a World of Difference!

Yes, it is the crib, the changing table in the corner and the comfy seat next to it that make the most important aspects of a lovely nursery. But take the room to a whole new level with a cool teepee in the corner. This turns a small and forgotten space into a vivacious play area and you will not be stuck with an expensive or permanent addition as your little one grows taller and demands a complete revamp.

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Nursery, teepee and rug create a cool nursery with pastel hues [From: Jours & Nuits]

A teepee is a fun way to add whimsical charm to the nursery and you can either bring one home or even craft one from scratch. Make sure though that the teepee you choose blends in with the shabby chic style and the mellow color palette. Throw in a plush rug or even a couple of throw pillows and you have a nursery that multi-tasks and adapts without any hassle whatsoever.

Modern nursery with eclectic charm that is good for both baby boy and baby girl [From: Nanette Wong]
Modern shabby chic style nursery with teepee in the corner
Turning the shabby chic nursery corner into a fun play area with teepee [From: HaBe Ltd]

Creating a Dreamy Ambiance

Maybe you want a nursery that seems to pop out of a fairytale story for your little princess and the shabby chic style with a whimsical panache is absolutely ideal for this. You do not have a room that is over-the-top and yet feels like the perfect setting for a baby girl. You can add curated touches from classic French rustic, Parisian or even coastal styles without disturbing the overall appeal of the nursery. These rooms feel inviting, cheerful, classy and the balance between light and dark hues is absolutely spot on. Do not be too disappointed if you do not get it absolutely right the first time. Add and remove different décor pieces to find the picture-perfect look.

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Spacious nursery with a touch of traditional French finesse [From: Mark P Finlay Interiors]
Wallpaper and rug adds glamor to the small nursery [From: KBG Design]
Sensible and shabby chic nursery with twin cribs [From: Michael Wickham Photography]

Ever-Faithful Pink to the Rescue

Shabby chic and pastel pink go hand-in-hand. When it comes to nursery ideas for baby girls, the combination is even more obvious. For those not too happy with an overload of pink, try out a nursery in white with a dash of right fuchsia or hot pink. You can usher in the lighter pastel hues using both the drapes and the bedding. A nursery filled with pink on the other hand needs plenty of natural light along with an even layer of artificial lighting. Get it wrong and the room appears dingy and ungainly.

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Pop of bright pink enlivens the shabby chic nursery in white [From: Canadian Home Trends Magazine / Photography by Stephani Buchman]
Shabby chic nursery in pink with a dash of minimalism [From: Southern Vintage]
Light-filled nursery in pink with shabby chic style [From: Warline Painting Ltd / Ina Vantonder]

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